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Diverse Host/Comedic/Socially Observational Journalism/Theatrical. “Why constrain ourselves to the limitations of our biophysical engrams, when we are beneficiaries to an infinite eternal!” …never say, NEVER: This hybrid journalistic show consists of a compilation of reviews of socially controversial issues and individuals who’ve overcome many obstacles in going beyond the clan-based religiosity of traditional beliefs.”If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.” – Paul McCartney

Based on the story, “Young Boys Syndicate”, written by Joseph A. Hurry Sr., the story takes place in the 1960’s-1970’s. BLACK STAR FILM, LTD is a Motion Picture Development and Packaging Company, propositioning both, independent and studio financing sources. BluntImage will co-produce and Raymond Edwards will Direct. However, equity is still being put in place

“Fakes, Forgeries and the Art of Deception”

“His forgeries are said to be expertly made, some forgeries of Max Ernst paintings were so convincing that even art historian and Ernst expert Werner Spies believed them to be authentic.”
COLOR ME BLIND. Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller. A feature-length film project. “Who would have thought of Art as such a dangerously predatory and highly lucrative business?” The story is about art-dealer hopefuls, caught up in a world-wind of greed, centered on an art forger who has to masterfully orchestrate a chain of events to break free from the irons of his ruthless art dealer hoodlums, caught up in a world of fraud and fakery; the compounding effects of their greed.

A GASPARI NUTRITION commercial with Gidget Migliaccio (IFBB Pro competitor) and a Ferrigno Legacy promo.


A feature-length film project
A feature-length film project. Based on true/historical events, a legendary river god, returns to destroy an evil hydra corporation.A river monster threatens to bring down the World’s largest hydra dam in order to protect a group of naked tribesmen from becoming extinct. A Fantasy/Action/Thriller based on a legendary African River God, resurfacing to avenge the World’s largest dam. A corporate negotiator must come out of retirement to settle the score between a greedy hydro-electric corporation and the phantom beast, whose mission is to protect the local tribes from extinction.


A commercial for Quest Nutrition, in support of IFBB Pro contestant, Gidget Migliaccio.


A feature-length film project
A feature-length film project. “Who would have thought, amidst a kingdom facing extinction, that the secret to survival lay hidden in the mystic hub of a Baobab tree?”. A group of underground mystics uncover a secret power to emancipate their fellow countrymen from total destruction against their enemy – the government.A Fantasy/Political/Thriller, based on true/historical events, set on a backdrop of corruption, where a mystic underground insurgency amidst a civilization threatened towards extinction, is dependent on a young, gifted Mind-Tuner to help with emancipating a group of extraordinary children, living in a Baobab Tree.


A Commercial promo for Nike, with Gidget Migliaccio IFBB Pro Fitness Model and Coach