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We work in various stages of the production process; from creative brainstorming, through principle execution, to post production. We work closely with our clients, determining what style of video content is best for their brand, in order to grow their business. Since video is the most powerful marketing vehicle, the idea is to direct films that will capture and foster emotional responses for the viewers. By engaging your audiences we deliver results!


We shoot & edit on all formats – Video formats are more than just file extensions. So, one size cannot fit them all..

Our Services

Video Production
Animation & Visual Effects
Video Editing
Brand Storytelling & Advertising
Virtual Reality

Video Production.

BluntImage produces projects for advertising agencies, design firms, and ambitious commercial enterprises of all shapes and sizes. We also co-produce for clients in film, television, sports, publishing, video games, and online entertainment. Looking for a movie trailer, web video, broadcast promo, music video, TV spot or corporate video?


Animation & Visual Effects.

We work in collaboration with major independent production companies. Our multi-creative skills range from story development to final post production, delivering competitively priced, high production value, Visual Effects work. We’ll bring your imagination and dream to life, providing a valued experience to your viewers.


Video Editing.

Our diverse craftsmanship spans the media spectrum, from feature film, documentary, corporate, spec demos, movie trailers, animation and music videos. Depending on the kind of container and codec you want to use, we begin by asking you three basic questions:

  1. Will we be downloading or ripping an existing file of yours or do you want us to produce your own video creation?
  2. What kind of hardware and software would be the best plan of use to tailor your project?
  3. Are you planning distribution of your video file to be uploaded onto the internet or via physical media?

Brand Storytelling & Advertising.

BluntImage produces Corporate B2B/B2C videos, projects for PR firms, non-profits, clients in technology, finance, fashion, transportation, health care, consumer services and more. Nevertheless, our mission is to forge a deep connection with audiences and to provide a worthwhile viewer experience that will compound widespread sharing.


Virtual Reality – AR Capabilities.

We are collaborating with hardware and software companies, who spend hundreds of millions on Research and Development to get virtual reality to look realistic. With the current technology, available and the unveiling of new possibilities, consumer interest in VR is increasing. The consumption for VR content is on an upward spiral! It’s inevitable!



We are a small production house. However, we  are constantly working with a plethora of talented and accredited team players in the Media & Entertainment Industry. If we need extra 2D/3D artists to bring your vision to fruition, you have it. If it’s a specific script writer for a specific style and genre, you have it!  Tell us about your business and your aspirations for your brand. Our creative team will get to work instantly.

Our Team

BluntImage’s Super Creative Squad.

“I aspire to offer a different angle in the way I make genre films, which audiences will find lifting, with a low budget production method, still giving the film a high quality finish that will be able to reach larger audiences, both local and international.”
– Raymond Edwards


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